Youth Is Key To Sustainability

Also includes:

  • Revolution – youth in the driving seat. Youth to mentor community to own their future
  • Target youth at 'festival' event to capture 'future identity of New England'
  • How do we develop a cross-generational communication strategy focussed on sustainability? How do we inform people of the issues and offer real alternatives and explain benefits?
  • Engaging youth using modern technology (without losing a focus on real spaces) to make an impact now
  • How to retain youth to the region to ensure ongoing economic sustainability?

Working Group

Des Breen
Nigel Barlow
Rebecca Spence
Angela Lyons
Jane Guilfoyle
Carol Davies


Recognise and capitalise on youth

  • Focussed communication strategy (creating an open space)
  • Ensure that all youth grow up with a reality of sustainability (our responsibility)

Retaining youth in the Region to ensure a vibrant and innovative community
Existing jobs and opportunities to ensure youth have financial sustainability – choice/quality of life
Jobs don't need to be in Region – technology/innovation
Level of engagement – different styles: Indigenous, ICT, migrant
Our responsibilities/our communication including business with youth – sustainable business
You & Me – Pride of Place
Youth suicide – why?
Armidale community safety – included, feel valued, safe = retention
Youth as families

How can we involve the whole New England Region in building a sustainable future?

Involve the existing business sector to engage with youth
Working together to live and realise the ideas (employment skills – festival events)
Understand and acknowledge all segments of youth – no exclusion

What practical steps or projects can be undertaken to do that?

Look at youth needs (migrant, homeless) and how to bridge gaps (community menotring)
Create a space (opportunities – their agenda is not controlled) for youth to be heard
Walking School Bus

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