Written Guidelines To Assist Their Discussion

Topic Groups – Notes for Convenors
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Time: 90 minutes.

Please manage the group’s time accordingly and make sure all the ideas generated by the group are noted, even if they are not to be reported in the next session.

Suggested format:

1. Invite each member of your group to introduce themselves briefly

  • Name?
  • From?
  • Organisation or area of interest/activity?

2. Ask for someone to be the scribe

3. Present the SWOC map

4. Invite questions for clarification if necessary

5. Invite your group members to consider what’s missing:

  • Are there any obvious gaps?
  • Are there any emerging (left of field) issues that could be relevant to your topic and should be considered or at least flagged?

6. Invite your group to consider what they think are the priorities for regional action in this topic area. When you have a reasonable list on your butchers paper, invite the group to select the THREE highest priorities.

7. Considering those priorities, invite the group to brainstorm ideas for the best starting initiatives to advance them. Record all suggestions. Then invite the group to decide which ONE initiative they would like to recommend to the whole group. In doing this they should consider:

  • Which has the greatest potential to build new/strong alliances or partnerships?
  • Which has potential to get early results?
  • Which has the potential to have the widest impact across the community?
  • Which has the potential to involve stakeholders whose support could be crucial to success in the longer term?

8. Confirm with the group the three action priorities and one leading initiative that will be reported back to the whole group.

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