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Sustainable Living Expo

There are a number of different events under the SLEX banner. Be sure to check the dates of the event you are coming to to avoid disappointment.

Sustainable Living Armidale

People committed to bringing about the changes needed at the community level to improve resilience in the face of the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change.

Learning for Sustainability

Learning for Sustainability is a partnerhsip website linking NSWTAFE New England Institute with the Liverpool Plain Land Management Committee, the Namoi CMA and the wider community.

WaterfallWay for Visitors

WaterfallWay for Businesses

A collaborative approach to regional tourism, educational and development.

Gould League

The Gould League designs innovative environmental education and training in sustainability, working with partners to support sustainable lifestyles and protect the environment.

Sustain Northern Rivers

An adjoining region also working towards a regional sustainability strategy using a Climate Change Collaboration Agreement.

Great Transition Initiative

The Great Transition Initiative envisions and advances a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and environmental sustainability.

Live Local

Live Local is a place to share stories about improving our communities.

12 Canoes

Web 2.0. The oldest culture on Earth has met the youngest technology on offer. And the mix is amazing. What a way to tell your story.

Bush TV

Tom Hearn of bush tv is doing this

New Economics Foundation

nef is an independent 'think and do' tank who believes in economics as if people and the planet mattered

Story Base

Living Cultural Storybases - Nurturing the oral heritage of minority cultures in a digital world

The Institute for the Future

An independent non-profit research group - identifying emerging trends and discontinuities that will transform global society.

New South Wales Government Department of Environment and Climate Change

Regional climate change impacts for the New England North West.

Climate Spectator

Climate Spectator covers the key business parameters of climate change: the massive flows of investment expected in coming years and decades, the changing business models, the new technology, and the creation of new markets and investment propositions.

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