Waste Not Want Not

Integrated New England - North West Regional Waste Strategy

Noretta Terry (Best Practice Constructions) and Mick O'Loughlin (Evolveris) have had some exploratory discussions with waste recycling stakeholders about the possibility of extending our current waste recycling strategies and exploring how we can better integrate what we do across the 2 adjoining regions.

Noretta and Mick sees opportunities for a partnered network of local council and existing recycling operations being extended to possibly include glass and styrofoam while there is also scope for supporting a cross-regional concrete crushing operation. We would like to talk with interested stakeholders about developing a network of bulk storage of difficult waste products like styrofoam at different regional tips (regional nodes). Backfilling freight is one possible way to make an integrated waste recycling operation possible so that each council recycling operation becomes a centre for particular types of waste. Its about getting economies of scale says Noretta across the region and working together with those who have a passion for making a sustainable region.

Best Practices is a regional champion in recycling building demolitions including recycling carpet tiles back to the USA. They also see a great opportunity in retrofitting housing and commercial offices to improve insulation and achieve regional carbon saving.

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