Transport Options

Also includes:

  • How do we Connect the Region in a Sustainable Way?
  • Technology & Transport
  • How do we reduce reliance and use of private motor vehicle and encourage use of other forms of transport (public or private)?

Working Group

Mary Devine
Rosemary Johnson

How can we involve the whole New England Region in building a sustainable future?


  • Weekly, monthly – branding the day using alternatives to private vehicle transport)
  • Community choice of uses
  • eg. No cars in CBD day or No car campus

Community supporters to promote options in every community
Work place participation and promotion. Eg Dept of Environment and Climate Change do it, now for promotion
Outcome: to change the think car first mentality

What practical steps or projects can be undertaken to do that?

Build on 'unseen' transport opportunities

  • eg Tamex 'not just parcels' but having vehicles with passenger seating for sale
  • eg Australia Post

See website 'backfreight' – add people to the system
Car pooling
Walking taxi
Push bikes
Vouchers for elderly
Community Transport
Do it for now – travel training

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