Nessie's Tips

Building the on-line forum

Consider joining DotNESS - this wiki website. You can add a page to the site - Go to How To Join This Site link.

Evolveris along with its partners has initiated this Wiki space to help our communities across the New England Region of NSW, Australia, promote their initiatives and ideas about moving towards a sustainable region. This enterprise is a partnership initiative between NESSiE (The NESS Consortium), Paradigm Play and Evolveris.

It's intended as a virtual network of people coming together via the web to engage in consultation, discussion, knowledge sharing and community action.
Monitor the changes and you might get some ideas for what this site might do - what your page might have to offer the community
And explore the help links at the top right of this page - if this is all new to you - DON'T PANIC or BE PUT OFF.

A wiki is the best way to learn. If you can compose and send an email, then you can do it! Be patient and enjoy the new skills you will learn, dO help each other - the wiki can accomodate many ways members can help each other learn how to use it. It has great potential as a Learning Community. And certainly create other kinds of social connections to encourage the idea that we are in it together.

DON'T abuse the tools you have here - they are communal, to be shared by all, equally. DO avoid conflict, especially knowing that others see things differently, believe different things, come from somewhere else, hold other views… DO "Show and Tell", inform, share and discuss. Do start by asking other people questions - be measured in your opinion giving.

Any other media - video, photos and audio you want to include in your page should be linked to your own accounts at a media hosting site - links from your page to these or embed these in your page - YouTube, Google Video, Picasa and PodBean are services you can subscribe to - storing your own media content for your ness.wikidot page.

If you have your own website - create a link from your wiki page and invite others to view it. Do promote your ideas, cause, organisation, business - keeping in mind that your commitment to a sustainable New England is the reason you are here!

Do find out about Creative Commons Attribution
While the foundations of the site are being laid out by us - it is intended that daily the site shifts into the hands of the community that uses it. Remember that is a self organising knowledge and learning community.

Welcome to your forum!!

This Website is a self organising and self governing Wiki-Community,
As a public forum there are a few basic protocols we need to follow;

  • no inflammatory language;
  • no flaming of other members;
  • no us and them positioning;
  • recognition that all views and opinions can be aired for discussion;
  • blatantly racist, sexist or provocatively violent views will be moderated by the community;
  • non-conflict based dialogue, non-combatative debate to be encouraged;
  • actively promote the idea that every one's say is valid;
  • promote the basic courtesies - respect, tolerance, and compassion.

This"Nessie" image comes from - what's yours?

And one more found by Ken McLeod.


How to contribute your story to the site

Firstly Explore the wikidot help services - links to the right

Go to Add a new page - bottom of right hand sidebar - name your page with two or three words - hit the new page button - this is your page, you can begin editing

You will find yourself in an active editing panel - type some text, anything, and then save to see content on your page

You can work on your page anytime - add, delete, change - it's fine to have a page in progress - your progressive page building will teach others, especially if you leave tips for other community members!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License