Sustainability Education

Also includes:

  • How to educate the community/community groups about sustainability and then keep the interest going?
  • Educators for Sustainability
  1. Paid
  2. Work with Councils, Schools (teachers, students), Business, Media, Community in Shopping Centres, Government Departments

Working Group

Karen Dusting
Kath Wray
Noretta Terry

How can we involve the whole New England Region in building a sustainable future?

We need this Forum to make as a top priority the finding and procuring of finance to employe the 'right' and 'passionate person' for this position plus, plus, plus we ask that everyone here to make it an on-going success!!!

What practical steps or projects can be undertaken to do that?

We need someone educated and passionate enough about sustainability to:

  • Teach the teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary education
  • Visit service clubs and community groups
  • Liaise with Councils, State and Federal Governments
  • Familiarise business organisations with their responsibility
  • Make the media a 'stakeholder' in sustainability
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