Stage II Solar Hot Water Project Launched

Stage II Solar Hot Water Project Launched

The second stage of the Solar New England Region Project for solar hot water has been launched with a further 100 highly affordable solar hot water systems now available for the community.

“While clouds may have temporarily covered the sun for solar power”, said Adam Blakester, Convenor of the New England Sustainability Strategy, “it is still shining strong for solar hot water. More than 150 orders for solar hot water systems already and we are confident there will be solid community interest in this second stage offer.”

The Public Launch of Stage II was held at Armidale Bowling Club on Wednesday 10 June 2009 and included a community information and education evening hosted by the Master Plumbers' and Mechanical Services Association of Australia. The Launch was attended by more than 60 people.

“The advantages of this community bulk buying program for solar hot water are significant,” continued Blakester. “The price is highly affordable, the energy savings are significant, and its good for local tradespeople and the sustainability of our community.”

The discounted prices for the Solar Project are achieved by buying and installing in bulk, or 'clusters', and by word of mouth promotion through neighbours, friends and other community networks. Low rate solar loans are also available from the New England Credit Union. And experts widely identify solar hot water as the single easiest step a household can take to reduce their energy bill and greenhouse gases.

The coordination of plumber training and installation for the Project is being handled by Endless-Solar who provide a solar hot water system especially selected for its suitability for cold climate conditions – tested to operate down to minus 15ºC – and certified hail resistant to Australian Standards.

“Local plumbers have now completed training to begin installation of the first 50 solar hot water systems,” said Managing Director, Stephen Standish. “With the strong community support for this Project Endless-Solar is very pleased to offer a further 100 discounted solar hot water systems.”

New England residents can have a fully installed high quality solar hot water system from $2,670^ – nearly one-third below the normal retail price.

Residents can find out more or sign up for the solar hot water system at or by contacting Liz Gardiner on (02) 6778-7249 or moc.liamtoh|1renidragzil#moc.liamtoh|1renidragzil.

The Solar Region Project is the first major initiative of the New England Sustainability Strategy with the aim of providing solar systems to 1% of the residents of the New England Region across Walcha, Guyra, Uralla and Armidale local government areas.

^ Conditions apply. Pricing assumes 'clusters' of 50 systems are sold, eligibility for all government rebates, sale of Renewable Energy Certificates and a standard installation within 15kms of the centre of Armidale, Guyra, Walcha or Uralla or as part of a 'remote cluster' of 5 homes within 5kms of each other. See for full terms and conditions.

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