Social Ventures Media

Social Venture Media is a community and social ventures media enterprise.
It's brief in this instance was to create a framework for the use of digital media documenting the NESS Public Forum, held on September 22, 2008 at the New England Regional Art Museum

Commissioned by NESSiE and Evolveris, Social Ventures Media has used wikidot, gmail, Blogger, Picasa and GoogleVideo and YouTube - exisitng web based media technologies and digital media documentation to form the basis of a wiki community which allows the people of New England to continue the work on sustainability begun at the forum

For this project the Social Ventures team has been:

Digital Video Film
John Flower-Emblen
Brylan Stewart

Digital Photography
David Doyle

Web Video/Audio
Adam Cafarella

Site Construction & IT
Lindsay Teychenne

Media Co-ordinator/Director & Editor
Laszlo Szabo

The Social Ventures Media Mission

To the community-

the tools to make culture,
the means of expression
and access to the media of communication.

With the community -

record and share their stories,
celebrate ordinary lives through culture making.

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