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Zoe Miller


  • depth of creative
  • Creative minds, talents and expression
  • Cultural diversity
  • Cultural diversification
  • Recognised learning centre
  • Creative Industry
  • Lifestyle


  • Lack of inclusiveness
  • Seasonal changes

Creative industry examples

  • Old mole
  • Iron man welders
  • Eco burials


Re-educate community members to reduce consumerism
Cropping to climate
Passing on the knowledge of doing
Preserving for future consumption
That culture is considered in all our actions
How do we make sustainability a social conscious issue


  1. Map what we have and identify where we want to be Identify what is being used successfully and what hasn't
  2. Identify creative initiatives
  3. Develop social consciousness

Top Initiative

  1. Link to an existing event of facility (e.g. Autum Festival, SLEX) to ensure culture is integrated into all our actions for sustainability


Maski Dusting, Kim hastings, Nickie murcsell, Celia Sexton, Noretta Terry, Lisa Harrison, Mick

Conversation Map of Social Sustainability Analysis

Download...(.pdf 75kB)

Detailed Social Sustainability Analysis
Download...(.docx 16kB)

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