Resource Base Security

Also incorporates:

  • What can we do to sustain natural environmental cycles (oxygen, water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous)?
  • Food security, mineral resources, forest products
  • Timber, carbon, shelter, agribusiness, agroforestry, habitat, waste management

Working Group

Gerry Moran
David Thompson
Carol Davies
Andy Scott
Carina Johnson
Donald Beaton


The natural resource base:

  • to be improved, maintained, enhanced
  • is efficiently utilised in a planned manner
  • is managed with policies driven by good science, economics and social responsibility
  • is there for future generations

DPI Perspective

  • access to mineral, forestry and agricultural resources maintained
  • impacts/implications of climate change on above

Walcha Perspective

  • planned utilisation of all natural resources efficient, offset unsustainable, maintained
  • urban expansion and impacts (not just land, water, waste) eg footprint

NIFIG Perspective

  • resource access
  • private forests
  • 1° forests (plantation, native) driven by unscientific views and media (silvic. Practice)
  • policy not driven by best science

Landcare Perspective

  • potential for forests/plantations/perennialisation of landscape for multiple natural resource management outcomes/benefits
  • information networks and information on our lands

How can we involve the whole New England Region in building a sustainable future?

Intentional communities – intentions for land use and industries when sea/tree change (eg industrial estate is 'innovative estate'
Social engineering – peoples roles, skills, cohesion, production

What practical steps or projects can be undertaken to do that?

Long term commitment to the vision (policy and practice)
Incentives and resourcing to manage sustainably
Continual improvement (monitoring, education, implementation)
Better policy informed by science and economics (not media or emotions)
Better policy on utilisation and management of all natural resources
Incentives to manage sustainably (linking economic and resources) – problem is short term gain
Growth in natural resource utilisation (offsets?)
Current generation invest in infrastructure that make options open for future (systems change now)

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