About NESSiE

In mid-2008 Armidale Dumaresq Council contracted a consortium of professionals and organisations – the New England Sustainability Strategy Executive, nicknamed NESSiE – to commence work on developing the New England Sustainability Strategy for the Region covered by the New England Strategic Alliance of Councils (NESAC). Since this time NESSiE have:

  • Convened the Inaugural New England Sustainability Forum at NERAM with more than 120 attendees and 300 other participants through working groups and online engagement;
  • Completed the “Foundation” New England Sustainability Strategy;
  • Coordination of the Farming the Sun Initiative (previously named Solar New England Region Project) which has increased the level of installed grid connected solar power by more than 500%, added 240+ evacuated tube solar hot water systems, training for thirteen tradespeople in solar power and twenty-four in solar hot water, and creation of a substantial new Partner Network across the the Region and community.

NESSiE uses a 'community enterprise' structure, that is defined by being:

  • For 'purpose' rather than for 'profit' meaning that the money is for fair pay for goods and services;
  • Undertaken by a partner network of community stakeholders to build social, economic and environmental value; and,
  • Transparent and accountable, especially for the finances.

NESSiE is auspiced by, and is an initiative of, the Starfish Enterprises Network. Starfish Enterprises works across Australia and the Pacific on initiatives that enable the transition to sustainability and peace. Sustainable Region Place Transitions is one of Starfish Enterprises' key areas of focus.

The current members of NESSiE are: Adam Blakester (Convenor); Micheal O'Loughlin; Rebecca Spence; Jackie Bowe; Emily Thomas-Moore; Zoe Miller; and, Stephen Gow.

Past members of NESSiE have played important roles in the establishment stages of work and include: Hannah Taylor, Maureen Chapman; Peter Sniekers; Ken McLeod; Tex Skuthorpe; Anne Morrill; Kathryn Brooks; and, Michael Jarochowicz.

Get Involved

NESSiE is actively seeking support and participation to further the New England's shift to sustainability. We are seeking connections both with people and organisations within the Region and further afield. It may be that your work, family or personal connections link back to the New England.

Such is the nature of sustainability that it challenges us all to think, work and live well outside of our geographical square so to speak. This issue reflects the emergence of global culture, global markets and planetary systems - climate change, ethical investment, the green economy and global markets are three such examples that link us all.

To express your interest or to stay informed about this work email ten.yalpmgidarap|mada#retsekalB madA

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