ness.wikidot community protocols and aims

ness.wikidot is a wiki community formed around the New England Sustainability Strategy.

Our aim is to help our different communities listen to each other's ideas, to learn to think together and develop agreed priorities and strategies to build a sustainable New England region. This wiki space is an opportunity to gather and discuss different perspectives and build a shared understanding of what can be done to create a sustainable future.

Hopefully these discussions can also help identify needed initiatives and new 'socially and environmentally aware' enterprises and jobs.

And while the forum is self organising and self governing,

As a public forum there are a few basic protocols we need to follow:


listen to each other; try to explore our own and other's assumptions and what new ways of thinking, seeing and mental models we can invent together;

look for what's interesting and unique in what others are suggesting and what suggestions can be built on

and enjoy the conversations amongst friends


avoid arguments as this creates 'us and them'

and especially;

  • no inflammatory language;
  • no flaming of other members;
  • no us and them positioning;
  • recognition that all views and opinions can be aired for discussion;
  • blatantly racist, sexist or provocatively violent views will be moderated by the community;
  • non-conflict based dialogue, non-combatative debate to be encouraged;
  • actively promote the idea that every one's say is valid;
  • promote the basic courtesies - respect, tolerance, and compassion.
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