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The Story of Cosmetics ~ Annie Leonard

Hope in a Changing Climate ~ Landscape Scale Regeneration of Agricultural Lands & Biodiversity

And see the full documentary here.

Tripod ~ Reflections about Climate Change

Cap and Trade

The Story of Stuff

New UK Government Public Education Campaign on Climate Change

Want to see the paradoxes of evolution more clearly? Let Stuart Davis drop a mind bomb of progress and cause for alarm - everything 21st Century living has to offer!!

Fundraising, 5 Year Old Style

Phoebe raised enough money to provide a meal to 17,800 homeless people. Phoebe is 5 years' of age. What can we achieve? What can you achieve?

The Great Transition to Sustainability


Highly recommended viewing
Running Time: 35 Minutes
Themes: planetary phase, global scenarios, redirecting development

Parenting for a Peaceful, Just & Sustainable World

Sustainable Island - Samso Island, Denmark

The truth about Climate Change - David Attenborough Because the world needs to know

With over 4000 languages spoken around the world, it's probably not with a bunch of words. We did our best to boil down the science of global warming and vision of the 350 Campaign in 90 seconds.

Swami Beyondananda video | The Upwising Begins


Hans Rosling Debunking 3rd World Myths - TED Video

You've never seen data presented like this. With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing world."

[Watch this on TED]

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