Ancient Ways

Ancient Ways to Achieve Modern Sustainability for New England


Internationally recognised Aboriginal facilitator, author, educator and artist, Tex Skuthorpe, has confirmed his involvement in the New England Sustainability Strategy Public Forum.

Adam Blakester, Principal for the New England Sustainability Strategy Executive (NESSiE) says Tex Skuthorpe’s involvement will bring an innovative edge to the Public Forum being held at NERAM on Monday September 22.

“Tex Skuthorpe has worked with governments, businesses and communities all around the world and right across Australia,” says Blakester. “Tex has successfully applied the methodologies of traditional Aboriginal society to great affect, achieving outcomes relevant to modern society. Tex is also co-author of Treading Lightly – an account of Australian Aboriginal society’s model for sustainability which has the longest proven track record on earth.”

Tex Skuthorpe will facilitate a visioning workshop during the Public Forum. The purpose of this workshop is to depict and describe what a sustainable New England Region will look and feel like. Tex’s workshop process is designed using the ancient wisdom of the world’s oldest people – Aboriginal Australians – and will enable participants to analyse and plan for sustainability in the current environment and modern world.

The vision workshop is art based and inspired by the setting at NERAM. The workshop is also participative, with demonstrated strengths including better sharing of knowledge, valuing of difference, team building and consensus decision making. Traditional teaching practices were highly experiential and truly learner driven. Learners were encouraged to fully participate in the experience and draw their own conclusions - facilitation in its truest sense.

Mr Blakester is seeking 101 community members and leaders at the Forum which will start mapping a sustainability strategy for the southern New England area including the NESAC councils, Armidale Dumaresq, Guyra, Uralla, Walcha and the New England Weeds Authority.

“We intend to use innovative practices at the Public Forum,” continues Blakester, “such as Tex’s vision workshop to bring the best from the community members and leaders present on the day.”

The New England Sustainability Strategy is funded by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change, Armidale Dumaresq Council and Armidale Family Support Services.

To register your interest in attending the Public Forum or find out more about the New England Sustainability Strategy, go to or contact Adam Blakester on 02 6775 2501, 0419 808 900 or ten.yalpmgidarap|mada#ten.yalpmgidarap|mada.

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