Media Participation Consent

The process of documenting the Sustainability Strategy Forum is comprehensive. On the day there will be video, audio, text and photographic coverage. The idea is that everything is important - not just the summaries. The documentation process is there to serve the future of the strategy and it is hoped that everyone will join into the spirit of the day's discussions and accept the presence of camera and recording equipment.

So everybody is encouraged to call the media over and get them to film, record, take notes or otherwise document anything of importance.

However, we also recognise that, for whatever reason, some people do not wish to be recorded or video'd. So for those people they can indicate to the camera team by placing a yellow dot we have supplied in a conspicuous place on your clothing (your collar is a good place if possible).

Also during discussions, if things are getting heated and you would rather not "that part" get out, then just indicate to one of the media people with the easily recognised raise of your hand to indicate stop - its simple -

The media crew are here to serve you and the process and happily respect your right to privacy.

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