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Armidale Dumaresq Council have contracted a new consortium of leading professionals and organisations – the New England Sustainability Strategy Executive, nicknamed NESSiE – to develop a whole of community New England Sustainability Strategy.

The Strategy work was funded by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and will address sustainability for the Region covered by the New England Strategic Alliance of Councils (NESAC).

Sustainability Scorecards

The first phase of analysis of the sustainability of the New England Region has been completed. The global summary of this analysis can be downloaded here...(.pdf 99kB)

Click on the below links to see more detailed sustainability analysis from each of the following specialist points of focus:


Progressing sustainability in the New England requires building capacity and capital – social, environmental and economic.

The New England Community Sustainability Strategy can provide the basis to strategically position the Region as a leader in sustainability, and assist in attracting people, business and investment interested in this pursuit.

So too, the Strategy, by articulating priority directions and objectives, could provide the basis for negotiations with State, Federal and International bodies also working on sustainable development, including applications for funding, programs and services.

The Forum

A Public Forum on Monday 22 September is the first major step in creating the Sustainability Strategy, and a strategic analysis of sustainability of the New England Region is being undertaken before the Forum to be provided as an information briefing to participants.

The major objectives for this first phase of work are establishing agreement between key stakeholders, analyse sustainability issues and opportunities, and establishing the necessary support and resources for the Strategy.

This initiative is being documented as a model for other regions to use, adapt and learn from. Read More... (.pdf 500kb)

Supported by the New England Strategic Alliance of Councils (NESAC). Download... (.doc kB)

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Welcome by Adam Blakester - NESSiE Executive Principal

Building the on-line forum

Evolveris along with its partners has initiated this Wiki space to help our communities across the New England Region of NSW, Australia, promote their initiatives and ideas about moving towards a sustainable region.
This enterprise is a partnership initiative between NESSiE (The NESS Consortium), Paradigm Play and Evolveris.

It's intended as a virtual network of people coming together via the web to engage in consultation, discussion, knowledge sharing and community action.

This is an open source, self-organising knowledge and learning community for all stakeholders working in our region on issues of sustainability.

We hope this interactive site is where we can share our ideas and break down the ‘silos’ so we can better integrate and support each others activities towards a sustainable New England.

A first initiative is to upload the documented proceedings of the SLEX Armidale Sustainability Discussion Forum aimed at initiating a “Whole of Community" Sustainability Plan for New England.

The various stakeholder group reports and the plan coming out of this will also be uploaded.

We offer this to you as an opportunity to continue the brainstorming and knowledge sharing by extending the forum onto the web and into the future.

We invite you and your community organisation to become a part of this WikiCommunity - New England Sustainable Strategy.
Start by creating your own page or contributing via the email service to add to the blog for any of the stakeholder forums - eg environment, economic, social, youth, government, global, indigenous.

Create links to your own websites so you can let your community know of your activities, achievements & vision for a Sustainable New England.

This Wiki site is brought to you in a community building partnership between Paradigm Play, Peaceworks, Evolveris, and Social Ventures Media

What is NESSiE?

On 26th August 2008 The New England Strategic Alliance of Councils launched a pioneering initiative to develop a sustainability strategy for the New England Region.

This is a significant act of leadership and while the goal is to develop a strategy that is regionally relevant, this result would also be globally significant for region wide strategies for sustainability are still in their infancy.

A new consortium called the New England Sustainability Strategy Executive (nicknamed NESSiE) has successfully been awarded the contract. Paradigm Play is the convenor of the NESSiE consortium.

The first major step in developing the New England Sustainability Strategy is a Public Forum to be held on 22 September at the New England Regional Art Museum. The Public Forum is part of the Sustainable Living Expo '08.

For more details about the Strategy, and details of how to be involved, go to:Slex Event

NESSiE welcomes your support and involvement with this important initiative. While you may not live or have work connections in the New England, addressing sustainability challenges us all to think and work well outside of our geographical square so to speak.

This issue reflects the emergence of global culture, global markets and planetary systems - climate change, ethical investment, the green economy and global markets are three such examples that link us all.

To Register Your Interest in or stay informed about this work email ten.yalpmgidarap|mada#retsekalB madA

Here are some YouTube videos on Global Warming you might like to watch….

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