Adam Blakester

Tempting to set up a new model
Regional Task force? In Council??

Constituted - in principle to cover the whole NE region

Needs to be able to have others come in to assist - and not have to have the responsibility - rather - work towards a VISION.
Sustainability Strategy - Plan
Can be fed into existing Plans

Plan - Develop this first a working document

Co-operative ? accountable to it's members

Self Governance - as a model - web based
Currently - other groups can develop a page on the website - still need people to go and talk to people

NECU - governance structure around looking after the money - Community Foundation - transparent / audited
Creative Commons

Website - needs to be monitored - currently this is done voluntarily

Current Funding

$20,000 DECC
$2,500 - $3,000 AFFS
Armidale ADC - Food
Currently owned by the community - owed by noone - currently
Adam - funded - to develop the doc - which will then be picked up and run with it.
Accountability - transparency

Need to still have some people in paid work - to take the process further - how do we get the money so then able to do the work.
The Forum 2

Key Needs
Accountable to community
If it was within NESAC - accountable to whole of government
Currently - whole of community strategy
Need to not lose sight of key issues that are currently working


Whole of community
Key Stakeholders
IT People

Breakfast meetings



Other governance models of relevance
NESAC - NE Strategic Alliance of Councils
Uralla Shire Council - example re Landcare / CMA/ Council staff / Community - Uralla Sub Catchment Plan
Sits under LEP etc - but does not impact or take into account Social and Economic

Social Planning
Environment Planning etc are all channelled through NESAC
Issues - unable to access phili funds
Can access $ for $ state and fed funds

Outcome of discussion

Open source - Web based
How do we engage the wider community in the activities -
Continues media strategy…
Partnering with other organisation's and groups….. Keeping Place
Harness morning groups while they are keen - while they have the energy
Get the intelligence

Transition Town model - England

.. Transforming communities - low carbon economy - show how to do it…
Educating the community

Vision - Moonstone group

Zig - Zag route rather the the longer gradual cruve

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