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Rebecca Spence

Ideas from the Global Group.

  • Sister city arrangement with a sustainable community -
    • Woking - has developed its own power generation system.
    • Davis in California was suggested as a possibility - similar environmental interest groups in both.
  • Model Armidale as a city seeking to become sustainable and
    • export the learning as we go through the process.
    • Take this opportunity now.
  • Rebirth of coalition of environmental groups in Armidale.
  • Ageing of the population in Armidale is
    • potentially both a strength and an opportunity -
    • provide support and services/growth industry/
    • facilitate ageing in place.
  • Cost of fuel - diesel as a product is artificially inflated.
    • Biodiesal was discussed, but
      • there are issues associated with the conversion of food production to bio fuels -
      • globally this is unsustainable and causes food shortages in other parts of the world.
  • Capacity to network with the CRCs for sustainability and relevant environmental CRCs.
  • Lack of investment in rail
    • seen as being due to a strong transport lobby.
    • Need greater investment in rail -
    • better very fast train service -
    • needs track upgrading.
    • All the way to Brisbane?
    • Overnight service to Sydney suits working people better.
  • Bus company -
    • needs to provide better service which
    • enables people to get to work efficiently.
    • Mary Devine is working on these regions … Regional transport coordinator.
  • Create global networks for sustainable living …
    • sister city idea is a good one.
  • Look overseas for good practice in energy descent planning -
    • the Transition Town network provides some good examples.
  • Learn from other communities.
  • Global work communities … e.g.
    • women in a village in northern Ireland deal with all the medical records for Boston Hospital.
  • Shortage of low cost housing in Armidale.
    • Population hasn't increased in number of houses, but
    • occupany of households has gone form 4.6 to 2.3 -
    • houses getting larger.
  • We are likely to have climate change refugees coming here -
    • some local organisations place people here.
    • Need to be able to provide for these people.
    • History has shown that services follow if the capital investment is made in bringing people here.
  • Idea of fostering global industry -
    • encouraging the set up of supply industries overseas e.g.
    • for wind turbines or solar power.
    • We could do the research and development here
    • (link with UNE) and production abroad.
  • Promote Armidale on trade delegations as a sustainable place.
    • Develop trade links with countries which produce what we need and
    • swap with what we can supply.
  • Revitalise local food industries to reduce dependence on global imports.

Three Action Priorities

  1. Support existing initiatives which are learning from other international communities e.g. Sustainable Living Armidale/Transiition Towns/a sustainable sister city (e.g. Woking)
  2. Consolidate, grow and export our increasing knowledge about sustainability.
  3. Promote Armidale as striving to be a sustainable community - our brand should be as a thriving, sustainable community.

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Conversation Map of Global Sustainability Analysis
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