Expressions Of Interest Sought Making Our Place Sustainable Forums

Expressions of Interest: Making Our Place Sustainable Forums

Residents, businesses and everyone interested in sustainability are invited to get involved with their Local Sustainability Forums taking place across the New England in June 2010.

“Sustainability is about the quality of our lifestyles, work and environment,” said Adam Blakester, Convenor of the New England Sustainability Strategy. “In this way the uniqueness of our towns, villages and region is a really important part of making our places sustainable.”

Four Local Sustainability Forums will be held – Bundarra, Guyra, Walcha and Uralla – as part of the next stage of work to complete the New England Sustainability Strategy (NESS).

“We're wanting to involve as many people as possible to identify how we can make our way of life and places more sustainable,” continued Adam Blakester. “Our challenge is to be mindful of the bigger picture and what is happening in the world around us right now, as well as ensuring that our way of life can continue without impacting badly on others, the Earth or future generations.”

Sustainability is often seen as only a problem, however it also presents significant opportunities which could benefit our Region if we take leadership and action. These opportunities could include enterprise in renewable energy, regional carbon sequestration and biodiversity banks, strengthening research, education and professional services with new sustainability knowledge, technology, practices and culture.

Work on NESS began in late 2008 with a Public Forum at New England Regional Art Museum as part of the Sustainable Living Expo (SLEx), attended by more than 120 people. In total more than 300 people from across the New England were involved in the first stage of work on NESS through the Public Forum, seven working groups and online blogs. Details of the sustainability priorities from this work can be seen at

The Local Forums in June 2010 will provide the opportunity for Uralla, Bundarra, Walcha and Guyra to contribute their priorities, strategies and initiatives and influence the overall regional sustainability strategy which will be completed at a second Public Forum as part of SLEx '10.

Interest is now sought for involvement with each of the Local Sustainability Forums. We are seeking a Convenor to co-chair the Forums plus individuals interested to look at sustainability from business, youth, Aboriginal, environment, social, global and cultural perspectives. We are also inviting expressions of interest for attendance and participation at each of the Forums.

To express your interest or discuss this further please contact Adam Blakester, 6775 2501 | 0419 808 909 ten.yalpmgidarap|mada#ten.yalpmgidarap|mada.

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