Exhibit To Inspire New England Sustainability Public Forum

Exhibit to Inspire New England Sustainability Public Forum

An inspiring exhibit will provide an innovative welcome for participants attending the Public Forum to complete work on the New England Sustainability Strategy (NESS).

“The exhibit will showcase significant sustainability achievements and initiatives since 2008, when work on NESS began,” said Adam Blakester, Convenor for NESS. “Rather than a traditional written briefing for strategic planning work like this, it was decided that an exhibit would be a much better way to tell the story of our current journey to sustainability.”

Work on the NESS began in 2008. Since that time nearly 1,000 people have participated in forums, workshops, meetings, surveys and discussions to identify key priorities for the Region to achieve the purpose of becoming a sustainable region by the year 2108.

“At a recent workshop a wide range of stakeholders started work on a Sustainability Scorecard to measure the sustainability of the New England for the first time,” added Blakester. “Their conclusion was that while the Region is still some way off being sustainable ~ and their belief that right now we are still degrading our social, environmental and economic systems ~ their consensus was also that our sustainability has 'marginally improved' in the last two years.”

On this glib and promising note the New England Sustainability Strategy Executive, or NESSiE, are now inviting all interested parties to join with 101 people for the second major NESS Public Forum and participate in the completion of our highly innovative 'whole of region and whole of community' sustainability strategy.

NESS was recently awarded 2010 Community Organisation of the Year by the Armidale & District Business Chamber, and was also applauded by the NSW Environmental Trust for being a “fully integrated approach to sustainability implementation across the region”.

The Public Forum will be held on Monday 6 December at Armidale Town Hall. Contributions to the exhibit are also welcome and encouraged since it is recognised there is much more happening for sustainability than any one network or group is aware of. A small fee of $30 will cover food, refreshments and costs, though a waiver is available on request. RSVP by Wednesday 1 December 2010 to Adam Blakester on 6775 2501 | 0419 808 909 | gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada#gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada. Full details about the work developing NESS since 2008 can be found at www.ness.wikidot.com.

This second stage of work on NESS is being funded by The NSW Environmental Trust with the significant support of Armidale Dumaresq, Guyra, Walcha and Uralla Local Government Authorities plus the UNE Talloires Declaration Implementation Committee.

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