Building the on-line forum

Evolveris along with its partners has initiated this Wiki space to help our communities across the New England Region of NSW, Australia, promote their initiatives and ideas about moving towards a sustainable region.
This enterprise is a partnership initiative between NESSiE (The NESS Consortium), Paradigm Play and Evolveris.

It's intended as a virtual network of people coming together via the web to engage in consultation, discussion, knowledge sharing and community action.

This is an open source, self-organising knowledge and learning community for all stakeholders working in our region on issues of sustainability.

We hope this interactive site is where we can share our ideas and break down the ‘silos’ so we can better integrate and support each others activities towards a sustainable New England.

A first initiative is to upload the documented proceedings of the SLEX Armidale Sustainability Discussion Forum aimed at initiating a “Whole of Community" Sustainability Plan for New England.

The various stakeholder group reports and the plan coming out of this will also be uploaded.

We offer this to you as an opportunity to continue the brainstorming and knowledge sharing by extending the forum onto the web and into the future.

We invite you and your community organisation to become a part of this WikiCommunity - New England Sustainable Strategy.
Start by creating your own page or contributing via the email service to add to the blog for any of the stakeholder forums - eg environment, economic, social, youth, government, global, indigenous.

Create links to your own websites so you can let your community know of your activities, achievements & vision for a Sustainable New England.

This Wiki site is brought to you in a community building partnership between Paradigm Play, Peaceworks, Evolveris, and Social Ventures Media

Evolveris is a Non-Profit Social Enterprise

1. Evolveris - An Action Think Tank - Consultancy in New England

We are interested in developing new ways for regional communities, stakeholders and agencies to listen to and hear each, to think together to enable adaptive local responses and sustainable practices and enterprises.
Einstein remarked that we need new ways of thinking to that which created the sustainability problem in the first place.
We would add new ways of planning and management tools are needed that can help us better understand and deal with the sheer complexity, uncertainty and turbulence of global climate changes.

A number of ideas papers have already been developed to support a discussion around these new ways of working and learning together for sustainable futures. Our interest is in partnering new social learning technologies to enable…

2. Our Focus is Supporting Sustainable Regional Communities and Local Place-making

The Evolveris project seeks to facilitate an on-going, open learning conversation about sustainable place making….to go beyond the old ‘develop and degrade’ narratives, the false notion that ‘progress’ is only one way ahead…We are especially interested in collaborating with community projects that seek to conserve and build the resilience of threatened ecosystems, their communities, regional economies / enterprise, cultural stories and identities.

To help this, the Evolveris Project seeks to catalyze and co-host a sustainability learning alliance or ‘learning community’ of people, communities, field researchers, educational institutions, enterprises and donor organizations interested in exploring new ways of seeing, knowing and thinking holistically. We regard this as being critical to catalyze sustainable futures.

Evolveris is involved in a number of regional community partnered projects..

Northern Rivers Roundtable Discussions around a Transition to a Sustainable Region

Evolveris helped map and report these 9 roundtable discussions initiated by the CLIC community network, the Northern Rivers Regional Development Board & Southern Cross University. This regional dialogue included 7 regional Local Councils community leaders and was supported by a number of enterprise interested in a sustainable future. Evolveris also supported mapping the conversations of a climate change conference by the Ethos foundation supported by the Queensland Government and a number of stakeholders concerning South-East Queensland and the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Friendship Agreement: East-Timor & Australia

We have collaborated on some community planning resources to support the Friendship Agreements between Australian and East Timorese Local governments and districts. In this project we supported (CRAMS) of the University of New England and other Timorese partners in developing a community-planning manual.

Wickipacifica…stories and solutions across the Pacific

We are helping initiate a storytelling learning and friendship network that shares community stories, learning, local solutions to climate change, news, music. Our hope is to foster cross-cultural understanding, an environmental dictionary, to support community learning networks and peacemaking across the Pacific.

The Ark Project- a new cross regional community partnership approach to ‘Aid’

We are researching new approaches to “Aid’ that rely on direct regional community partnerships and support and have started building friendships with other regional communities in Fiji, Vanuatu and Southern Sudan.
We look to partner train the trainer programs in leading sustainable regional and local place making and peacemaking and partnering.

Core Principles and Values

We seek to promote:**

Engagement and Partnering: collaborating and establishing partnerships that meet all our ‘communities’ and stakeholders key needs.

Learning: through social action and reflection; seeking to share and synergize both local place and expert knowledge with Indigenous wisdom to become better stewards and custodians of our places and ‘country’.

Respect: for people, the earth and its natural systems, .…to promote cross cultural understanding and respect for other ways of knowing and the importance of Indigenous wisdom.

Inter-Connecting: listening to each other, to the presence of places, our forests and reefs; taking the time again to wonder and be enthralled

Giving-Back: making sure we just don’t take from others and deplete nature’s communities; instead nurturing life, ensuring environmental justice and giving places, habitats, forests and reefs time to recover and regenerate.

Evolveris looks to support the emergence of new and old cultural stories based on building community wellbeing, stewardship and interconnecting with the natural and sacred world, which we inhabit.

Evolveris a non profit organization ABN: 25580277295 19 College Ave. Armidale
Contact: Michael O’Loughlin 0423 585 449 moc.liamg|1nilhguololaehcim#moc.liamg|1nilhguololaehcim
Evolveris Blog: http://evolveris.wordpress.com/

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License