Develop Export Industry

Working Group

Kevin Abey

Definition of Export Industry

Definition of 'export industry': Any business or organisation that trades/sells goods or services from the NESAC Region to other Regional, National or International markets.

Eg. education is the biggest export industry

  • Employes 2,100 (21%) of working population
  • Region is highly dependent on this industry (good/bad)
  • Tourism, services, agribusiness, consulting, IP

How can we involve whole New England Region in building a sustainable future?

  • Better understanding of how important export is to a sustainable future (eg SLEx corporate support)
  • It's a triple bottom line not double bottom line – this is a two way street too
  • Acceptance, engagement of community, leadership, vision, corporate social responsibility, technology

What practical steps or projects can be undertaken to do that?

  • Understanding of NER's SWOT in relation to export
  • Indentify those business that export or have potential to export (sustainably) eg. Joint Medical Program at UNE
  • Identify barriers for these businesses. What's stopping these businesses from growing sustainably?
  • Remove those barriers
  • Commitment to this Region becoming the most technologically advance in regional Australia!
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