Youth Leading Australia Congress 2009


YOUth LEADing Australia (YLA) ~ New England will bring together dozens of students and youth develop a shared voice, vision and action plans to tackle sustainability, one of the greatest challenges of our times. The New England Congress will be linked using digital media with another twelve locations around Australia and six locations around the world. Full details of the national-international reach of YLA can be found here.

Our goal is for 100-150 students and young people from across the New England to participate in YLA'10.

Watch our inspiring invitation video:

Flyers and information sheets can be downloaded at the end of this page.

When, Where & Registration


23-25 November 2010
9am-5pm each day

Commencing in Room 111, School of Education, University of New England, Armidale

Click here to register your interest. To find out more or discuss this further contact Adam Blakester | 02 6775 2501 | 0419 808 900 | gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada#gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada.



Starfish Enterprises and OzGreen are partnering to organise YOUth LEADing Australia - New England Congress 2010.

A regional network has been formed to bring this together, with members also including Dr Susen Smith from the UNE, Ruth Tremont and the below youthful leaders.

The long-term aspiration for this work is to establish a viable New England Student and Youth Network for Sustainability.

Skye Playfair Redman | moc.evil|namder.riafyalp.eyks#moc.evil|namder.riafyalp.eyks | 0423 668 701
Ellen Nyberg | ua.gro.cclens|nelle#ua.gro.cclens|nelle | w (02) 6772-9123 | 0404 321 035

Digital Media
Emily Thomas-Moore | moc.liamg|eebyzme#moc.liamg|eebyzme | 0423 263 508

Inaugural YOUth LEADing Australia - New England Congress 2009

In 2009 the New England joined with five other Congress sites around Australia to be part of the first ever YOUth LEADing Australia. It was organised in record time to be able to equip a delegation of young people from Australia attending the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

Full details of the inaugural YOUth LEADing Australia New England Congress 2009 can be found here.

Congress Program

YOUth LEADing Australia focuses on 3 ways to make a difference:

  1. Personal responsibility to live sustainably;
  2. Creating community change; and
  3. Connecting change makers nationally.


In the lead up to the national congress, OzGREEN will conduct digital media skills and facilitator training for local congress facilitators and mentors.

DAY 1: Local Actions, Global Challenges

Inspiring talks from local community; presentations featuring up to date science about sustainability, the state of the planet and the
impacts of climate change; measuring environmental footprints and visioning sustainable communities.

DAY 2: Be the Change, Creating Change

Brainstorming, sharing of ideas in locations around Australia, sharing inspiring change stories and action planning to achieve vision.

DAY 3: Youth-Led Community Forum

On the final day the youth take the lead to design the entire Community Forum. This is very inspiring and very high energy!!

Invitees for the Community Forum will include local politicians, business representatives, academics, teachers, family members, significant experts, interested community members and groups.

They will present their experiences of YOUth LEADing Australia, their concerns for what is happening locally & around the globe, their vision for how they want their communities to be & their plans for making that happen.

Where: The Community Forum will occur at Lecture Theatre 111 in the School of Education, University of New England (UNE) at 3.30 to 5.30 on Thursday November 25 2010.

RSVP here: Adam Blakester | 02 6775 2501 | 0419 808 900 | gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada#gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada


Follow up, mentoring and support of participants as they implement their community change and personal sustainability action plans.

YOUth LEADing Australia acts upon the priorities identified through the New England Sustainability Strategy: developing youth skills in sustainability, enabling youth to be heard and strengthening the New England Sustainability Students & Youth (NESSaY) network.

Keystone Partner


The University of New England (UNE) are the Keystone Partner for YOUth LEADing Australia ~ New England Congress 2010. They are hosting the Congress in the School of Education on the Armidale Campus, providing an ideal environment for young people to learn, lead and use state-of-the-art digital media facilities to connect with other Congress sites around Australia and the world.

Sustainability is a key priority for UNE. A new Bachelor of Sustainability is being offered in 2010, the first such degree of its kind in Australia. Every degree across the entire UNE curriculum now integrates sustainability, another first for an Australian university.

Scholarships have also been provided by the following schools and initiatives within the UNE, highlighting the depth and breadth of their support for students and youth leading on sustainability:
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Talloires Declaration Implementation Committee
UNE Golden Key International Honour Society
School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences
Graduate School of Business


Major Partners


OzGreen are also a Major Sponsoring Partner for the New England Congress - in addition to their central role in coordinating all of the Congresses taking place around Australia and the world.

OzGREEN’s innovative programs harness the creativity and intelligence of people to build pathways to a sustainable future and are based on a three part methodology that enables informed participation, harnesses unique contributions and provides ongoing support through long term engagement.

OzGREEN is dedicated to fostering ecologically sustainable, socially just and resilient communities. OzGREEN educates, inspires and empowers people to become leaders of positive social change. Established in 1992, OzGREEN is an independent not-for-profit organisation and operates nationally in Australia and overseas in India and East Timor.

OzGREEN’s unique approach incorporates sustainability education, leadership and community development, enabling people to innovate sustainability solutions themselves. OzGREEN has involved over 1,000 schools and businesses in its environmental learning and leadership programs and has won numerous awards, including the Eureka Prize, Banksia Awards, UN Media Peace Awards and Best Practice Case Study for the Australian Association for Environmental Education (NSW).


AusEnergy is a boutique independent company which organises micro, community-scale and farm-scale regional renewable energy installations around Australia.

From 1kw residential roof mounted to 10kw+ ground mount tracking systems, AusEnergy design and install the best performing systems under the Australian sun.

AusEnergy is a partner of Farming the Sun.


Farming the Sun is a unique community-scale solar and sustainable energy initiative led by Starfish Enterprises that has been a significant contributor to the massive uptake in solar energy in the New England Region. It is designed address the priority for 'a new energy future' identified in the New England Sustainability Strategy, or NESS.

Farming the Sun uses a community enterprise model and a portion of the income known as 1% for Sustainability is set aside for investment into priorities for sustainability, including YOUth LEADing Australia - New England Congress 2010.

Nearly 180 solar power systems have been installed, some with trackers, & the largest being a 30kW solar farm. Plus 110 solar hot water systems are in place saving the equivalent of 110 family cars in CO2 per year.

Country Energy data shows that in just two years the number of solar power systems in the Region has grown by 500% & the power being generated by 700%. Plus four new solar companies mean the community is well on its way to becoming a Solar Region.


The High County Urban Biodiversity Project (HiCUB) are sponsoring the involvement of Ellen Nyberg to play a key role as a youth facilitator and leader for the Congress, as well as assist with communication and promotion.

The High Country Urban Biodiversity Project is driven to improve the condition of urban riparian and bushland areas; improve collaboration between council and community groups; and build the engagement of the urban community with their local biodiversity.

HiCUB has been assisted by the New South Wales government through its Environmental Trust.

Scholarship Partners


Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) are sponsoring two of the training places for the facilitation/digital media team, plus are aiming to bring four of their network to attend New England Congress with a view to establishing an AYCC network here.

The AYCC’s mission is to build a generation wide movement to solve climate change before it is too late through uniting youth organisations to achieve short-term influence and long-term cultural change.

The AYCC is one of Australia’s few examples of an entirely youth-run and youth-led organisation and focuses on both youth empowerment - enabling young people to create opportunities and take on active roles in our communities – and youth development - equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to allow youth to take on more responsibility.


New England Mutual are providing scholarships for their employees (or their family members) to have the opportunity to participate in the Congress as a learning and development opportunity in sustainability.

New England Mutual is part of The Community Mutual Group, formerly known as New England Credit Union. They are the largest inland community Credit Union in Australia, and an important provider of trusted community banking.

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