Sustainable Home Assessments

FREE Sustainable Home Assessments

The Australian Government are offering a comprehensive Home Sustainability Assessment (HSA) for free to a limited number of householders. The Assessment helps householders identify ways to reduce their energy and water bills, increase the comfort of their home and help reduce carbon pollution.


This independent assessment by a qualified expert assessor will provide advice from the smallest behaviour change to major investments.
Your HSA recommendations will depend upon your home and lifestyle, however generally the kind of actions include switching to a sustainable/solar hot water, installing insulation, adding or expanding solar power, rain and grey water systems and buying energy efficient appliances.

While the HSA's are worth upwards of $200 each, they are currently subsidised in full and available free^ to the first 960,000 applicants. Nearly 150,000 applicants have already been booked in the six months since the scheme was launched, mostly in large metropolitan areas.

What will you get?

Householders will get a tailored home sustainability assessment that suggests:

  • The best water and energy saving changes your can make to your property;
  • Options to purchase energy and water saving devices; and
  • Practical information to help you get started.

Green Loans

This Australian Government initiative originally included access to $10,000 Green Loans. This aspect of the initiative has since been cancelled.

What is involved?

The assessment involves the physical inspection of the major water, electrical and other energy systems that affect the warmth, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, entertainment, water efficiency and waste management in the home.

The data is entered into a sophisticated assessment software tool to allow environmental impact calculations.

How long does it take?

The length of the inspection is influenced by the amount of information readily available, the size of the property and the number of energy and water systems to be considered.

Each assessment should take around 1.5 hours to complete.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Aged 18 or over
  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident and/or an Australian registered charity;
  • The dwelling owner, a trustee or renter listed on lease
  • Have an income below $250,000
  • Principal place of residence (i.e. not holiday home)
  • Home completed and occupied for at least 12 months prior to the assessment

Not eligible:

  • Government owned dwellings
  • Dwellings owned by corporations / companies.

Booking an Assessment

To discuss this further or to book your Assessment contact:
Co-Coordinator Liz Gardiner (02) 6778-7249 moc.liamtoh|1renidragzil#moc.liamtoh|1renidragzil
Convenor Adam Blakester (02) 6775 2501 0419 808 900 ten.yalpmgidarap|mada#ten.yalpmgidarap|mada

Australian Government website

Click here for full details of the Home Sustainability Assessment and Green Loans Program.

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