NESS Contacts

NESS Executive (nicknamed NESSiE)


Adam Blakester
Land Line:02 6775 2501
Mobile: 0419 808 900
Email: ten.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada#ten.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada

Other NESSiE Members

Micheal O'Loughlin
Rebecca Spence
Jackie Bowe
David Carr
Zoe Miller
Emily Thomas-Moore
Stephen Gow
Steve Widders

Auspice - Starfish Enterprises

The New England Sustainability Strategy is an initiative of Starfish Enterprises.

Discussion Forums

Got some ideas? Something to say? Send an email to one of the addresses below to make sure people hear you on 22/9/2008
Youth Forum moc.liamg|htuoy.ssen#moc.liamg|htuoy.ssen
Social Forum moc.liamg|laicos.ssen#moc.liamg|laicos.ssen
Government Forum moc.liamg|tnemnrevog.ssen#moc.liamg|tnemnrevog.ssen
Global Forum moc.liamg|1labolg.ssen#moc.liamg|1labolg.ssen
Environment Forum moc.liamg|tnemnorivne.ssen#moc.liamg|tnemnorivne.ssen
Economic Forum moc.liamg|cimonoce.ssen#moc.liamg|cimonoce.ssen
Indigenous Forum moc.liamg|suonegidni.ssen#moc.liamg|suonegidni.ssen

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