Bundarra Becoming Sustainable

Work on Bundarra's local sustainability is being given a boost with a Local Sustainability Forum. The Forum is being held at the Bundarra Community Arts Hall on Thursday evening, 17 June 2010 with supper to be provided.

“The Forum is open to everyone interested in strengthening the sustainability of Bundarra,” said Adam Blakester, Convenor of the New England Sustainability Strategy (NESS).

“Sustainability issues already emerging include the need to keep revitalising the main street, addressing critical water shortages, diversifying the economic base and continuing to provide opportunities for community participation and socialising,” continued Blakester.

The format of the Forum will be an open discussion to make participation easy for people of all ages and all interests. The discussion will be facilitated and recorded so that the findings can be used to benefit Bundarra in future negotiations with their key stakeholders, and will consider:

  • Key strengths and uniqueness of Bundarra;
  • Opportunities to make Bundarra more sustainable; and,
  • Priorities for action.

“We are looking at sustainability as widely as we can,” added Blakester, “to consider what is most important for youth, agriculture, business, the environment and the quality of life and strength of the community.

“The passion that many Bundarran residents have for their unique place is a real asset. The community's recent success keeping the Grace Munro Centre is proof of their ability to make things happen and make Bundarra more sustainable. Opportunities already emerging include tourism, renewable energy, telecommuting-based work, new agricultural and other business, plus further enhancing the natural and town environment.”

There has been noticeable and growing momentum in the New England's shift to sustainability with thanks to the collective efforts of so many people and organisations over so many decades. Every other week there is a news article, new product, service or policy emerging in the New England focussed on one or more aspects of sustainability. The New England is now a designated 'precinct' for renewable energy, the Northern Inland Sustainable Business Network was launched recently, and the NESS Farming the Sun initiative has significantly increased the amount of solar power and solar hot water.

To RSVP to attend the Bundarra Local Sustainability Forum, or to find our more or discuss this further, please contact Adam Blakester, 6775 2501 | 0419 808 909 ten.yalpmgidarap|mada#ten.yalpmgidarap|mada.

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