Awakening The Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

So much happens while you're sleeping…

We are bombarded by so much information on issues such as mental and emotional heath, poverty, cultural conflict, economic uncertainty, environmental degradation, climate change, etc, that we tend to switch off. When we try to separate ourselves from these issues we can live as though we are in a dream, or go to sleep. We shut down to cope but separating ourselves from these issues do not make them go away.

At the same time though a world-wide awakening – a movement for change unprecedented in human history – is occurring.

There are record levels of participation – people, businesses and government – in initiatives around the world concerned about these very issues. Paul Hawkin has listed over two million organisations world-wide that are working towards social and environmental justice. Hawkin described this global movement and awakening as the ‘blessed unrest’. There are so many participants it would take two and a half months just to read out all the names listed! And their combined focus has the potential to turn the tide.


As part of this worldwide movement, local initiatives Sustainable Living Armidale's Heart & Soul Group, Starfish Enterprises, Uniting Church Armidale have partnered with the global Pachamama^ Alliance to host an Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium.

The Symposium “ Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” invites you to step up a level in what you are already doing and to be part of a world wide movement for change that is unprecedented in human history.

Are you asleep, or are you ready, willing and able to wake up and make the changes needed to bring about an environmentally sustainable , socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet?

Watch the Invitation to Wake Up!

About the Symposium ~ Exploring a new Global Vision


The Symposium is designed to accelerate the transition to environmental sustainability and a more just, ethical and spiritually fulfilling human presence on Earth.

The benefits of the Symposium are to inspire participants with a deep concern for our world, and be empowered to make a difference, though use of an innovative process with dynamic group interactions, leading edge information, and inspiring multimedia to explore four core questions:

  1. WHERE ARE WE? Using consensus data from experts, excellent video footage will give a snapshot of where we are globally in relation to environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment.
  2. HOW DID WE GET HERE? What are the root causes of the current global issues?
  3. WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR THE FUTURE? Looking at the 'blessed unrest' world wide movement for change.
  4. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? What does this mean for us personally and collectively? The Symposium is a perfect preparation for the Final Public Forum on Monday 6 December 2010 to complete the New England Sustainability Strategy.

The following short video is a great place to get a sense of the benefits of participating in the Symposium.


Symposium Details

Where Legacy House, Faulkner Street ARMIDALE
When Sunday 7 November 2010, 9.30am for 10am start to 5pm
Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea Provided (Please advise of any dietary requirements)
Cost $30 Waged $20 Concession (to recoup costs only, exemptions available on request)
RSVP by Wednesday 3 November either online HERE or by contacting Adam Blakester or Debra Mill (details at bottom of page).

The Symposium will be open to all interested members of the community ~ with a goal of 100 participants. We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word by passing on this information to others you feel may be interested.

Sponsor ~New England Mutual


New England Mutual are the sole financial sponsor of the Armidale Awakening the Dreamer Symposium.

Their support is particularly enabling significant marketing, advertising and promotion to create a high profile for the Symposium to attract participants and partnerships, and they are proud to be supporting this community initiative.

New England Mutual is part of The Community Mutual Group, the largest inland community Credit Union in Australia, and provider of trusted community banking.


We are very grateful and fortunate to be benefiting from skilled facilitators Judith and Robert Seton who are travelling from the USA to join with local facilitators Debra Mill, Helen Webb, Graham MacKay and Adam Blakester to present the Symposium.

Judith and Robert have facilitated more than 50 Symposiums. See their short promotion video clip below:


To discuss this further or register your interest contact:

Adam Blakester, NESS Convenor (02) 6775 2501 0419 808 900 gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada#gro.sesirpretnehsifrats|mada
Debra Mill Sustainable Living Armidale 0427 934 557 moc.liamg|90kdllim#moc.liamg|90kdllim


Be The Change supports Changing the Dream Symposiums, Symposium Leader Trainings and other aligned activities around Australia.

Be The Change’s mission is to educate, inspire and enable ordinary people to take personal responsibility for our shared global future.

Designed by The Pachamama Alliance with the collaboration of some of the finest scientific, indigenous and activist minds in the world, the Changing the Dream Symposium explores the current state of our planet from a new perspective, and connects participants with a powerful global movement to reclaim our future.

^ Pachamama is a Quechua word referring to the sacred presence of Earth, the sky, the universe and all time.

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