Welcome to New England Sustainability

NESS is the New England Sustainability Strategy ~ an especially unique whole-of-region multi-stakeholder governance structure and approach to sustainability.

NESS works to brings together the wide array of interests, organisations and people who have a stake in the sustainability of the New England Region ~ to collaborative create their shared vision, identify change strategies, priority initiatives and measure the progress made.

NESS began in 2008 with a major public Forum which was the final event of the Sustainable Living Expo '08.

In the two years following a range of forums, workshops and planning events were held throughout the New England and the Strategy was completed in mid 2011.

A full library of the strategy itself as well as the wide range of research, reports, media coverage and so on can be found on [www.scribd.com/nesustainability scribd].

The Strategy is coordinated by NESSiE - the New England Sustainability Strategy Executive.

This site is to be replaced with a new 'portal to sustainability' for the New England as soon as funding can be secured.

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